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  • Blocks access to more than 50 user configurable site categories, including access to adult only sites, alcohol, gambling and self harm promoting sites. List of such sites is automatically updated every two weeks.
  • Applies different filtering levels (filtering policies) for different devices within local network. Devices can be identified by MAC address, IP address, subnet or address range.
  • Blocks access to well known advertisements and tracking sites. Uses the same block lists as AdBlock/Pi-Hole/AdGuard/Etc.
  • Sites can be blocked by full or partial name and regular expression.
  • Administrator is able to easily re-categorize any known site or add categories to unknown sites.
  • Easily redirect access to internal resources to internal DNS servers (useful in Active Directory integrated environments) correctly forwarding requests to public resources to external DNS servers. Simple point and click configuration of split forwarding from Admin UI.
  • Supports showing the Access prohibited message when accessing HTTP and HTTPS sites (when configured with HTTPS interception).
  • Works for all devices in your network. Does not require to install HTTPS decryption certificate but is still able to block HTTPS sites.