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Simple and powerful DNS forwarding server. Deploy locally within your network or in the cloud. Prevents access to various categories of sites, blocks domain names with explicit content and removes annoying ads.

See it in action! The easiest way to see product in action is to deploy the preconfigured virtual appliance in the Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or On-Premises.

Main Features of DNS Safety


Works for All Devices

Transparently works for any device in your network. Nothing needs to be installed on the device. Easily filter guest devices in a Wi-Fi network. Bypass filtering for X-Box, Apple TV, Amazon Echo or any network device by its MAC address.

Policy Based Filtering

Applies different filtering levels (filtering policies) for different devices within local network. Devices can be identified by MAC address, IP address, subnet or address range. Time based policies are to be implemented in the upcoming versions.

Block Sites by Category

Block access to domains with inappropriate contents by more than 50 categories (dating, nudity, gambling, explicit adult content, etc). It is possible to easily re-categorize unknown sites.

Block Annoying Ads

Remove most annoying ads on any site automatically. Redirect DNS requests for well known advertisement network sites or block them with NXDOMAIN response.

Get Insights into Your Network

Monitor access logs of DNS Safety to see list of network devices and corresponding list of accessed domains. Future versions of the product will contain extensive reports based on access logs.

Browser Managed

Dns Safety is managed using Admin UI that runs in your browser and allows you to configure filtering policies and block web sites with several mouse clicks.